The proven fast-track to being confident and prepared for the important  first year of high school.

Starting high school is one of the biggest transitions in a child's life.

But it doesn't have to be scary or overwhelming when we give them the right guidance and support.

Here's how we help your child thrive in high school.

High School Hub lightens their load.

It's their roadmap to being

and doing their best
in high school.

It's their one place for

We present everything in easy to understand  ways to ...

High School Hub takes away the stress and struggle of 
starting high school.

High School Hub takes away the stress and struggle of starting high school.

We show you and your child how to manage high school for that first important year:

What to do and when to do it
How to do all the high school things
(step by step)
Why doing these things will help them (which encourages them to take action!)

This eases their worries, builds their confidence and sets them up for success in high school.

And removes their stress and struggle!

We show you and your child how to manage high school for that critical first year: 

What to do and when to do it
How to do all the high school things
Why doing these things will help 
(encouraging them to take action!)

Which eases their worries and builds skills and confidence.

This eases their worries and builds skills and confidence.

And sets them up well for success in all their high school years.

Ready to give your child their
best start to high school?

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All the high school things!

"As an educator for over 30 years, I've done all the research, testing, gathering information and picking out the most important parts, so you and your child can have everything you need, all in one place. "        ~ Jenny Atkinson

We’re not interested in building a false sense of confidence that falls apart at a challenge.

That's why we focus on the practical support, skills and strategies children need for high school and for life.

We make learning fun, memorable & engaging so children want to learn.

We make learning
so children want to learn.
But we’re not interested in giving them a false sense of confidence that falls apart at a challenge.

That's why we focus on practical support, skills and strategies they can use in high school and for life.

We make learning
so children want to learn.
But we’re not interested in giving them a false sense of confidence that falls apart at a challenge.

That's why we focus on practical support, skills and strategies they can use in high school and for life.


It takes many children their full first year to manage all the different parts and expectations of high school.
Think of it like a series of waves to navigate.

1st wave: they become familiar with day-to-day routines and their surroundings, classmates and teachers

If your child is confident with this 'first wave' of high school, fantastic, but don't mistake it for being fully settled in.

They'll need more complex skills and strategies for the next waves!

And without strong skills in areas such as organisation and time management, they can get stuck.
(Yes, even children who achieved well in primary school can get stuck.)

2nd wave: navigate new friendships, get organised, manage time, homework and assignments 
3rd wave: learn skills for study & exams, continue developing organisation & time management, handling homework & assignments, coping skills, building friendships & teacher relationships 
4th wave: combine all pieces of the puzzle together, with confidence and competence 

That's a lot! And because progress takes time,
we give them a full year's membership to High School Hub.

When a question, challenge or problem pops up (and they will!) 
they can go to a module to get information, advice and action plans to handle it. 

They can move confidently forward without getting stuck.

Get access today for 1 year

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Yes - it works!


Yes - it works!



It's as simple as 1, 2, 3.


to help with all the main areas and challenges of high school

Join High School Hub today

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It would make such a difference for any child going to high school ...

Year 6 Parent

Play videos to hear from the parents

If we can eliminate some of those stresses, they've already got a head start ...

Year 6 Parent


Ready to boost your child's confidence for high school?

& SAVE 60% 

For a limited time only!


It's really tremendous in preparing kids ...

Simon Wlison - Head of Years 5 to 9
St Anthony of Padua College, Austral

Play videos to hear from the teachers

Our children are far more at ease ...

Helen Rigby - Year 6 Teacher
North Ryde


Who is the High School Hub for?

The Hub is specifically for students (and their parents) for the year before, during and after starting high school. 

We take a step-by-step approach to explain all the aspects of high school so they can be confident and prepared. Each of the 20 modules addresses a common high school issue.

Parents can use The Hub, too for understanding and explaining strategies, and to support and encourage your child.

Can my child use the Hub on their own?

Absolutely ... it was designed for this. Children can easily go through modules on their own because they’re targeted right at their age level. They can go at their own pace and explore the modules in any order, as often as they like for as long as they're a member.

You can learn from the Hub together, or your child can fly solo. But it's an extra advantage when you become familiar with the helpful routines and strategies so you can support and encourage them. 

Is this just a lot of boring worksheets?

No! Jenny designed the Hub with the same approach as her successful student workshops. And that is to engage the children because when they're interested, they participate more easily, remember information and take action. 

Each module has clear, concise information with images, videos, interactive games and colour to keep their attention. No long, boring, pointless worksheets that just look like more work to do!

And because children learn in a variety of ways, we present information in a variety of ways: from animated videos and games to checklists, 'how to' guides, infographics, action plans and much more.

Can my child interact with others in the Hub?

No. The membership site is a closed system and doesn't allow users to interact with other users.

Jenny has advised the Australian government on cybersafety issues as a member of the ‘Teachers and Parents Advisory Group on Cybersafety’ and takes your child’s safety online seriously. 

As most children are under 13 years old when they transition to high school, we do not provide opportunities to interact with other Hub users. We also do not offer social media options for children, which is in line with social media sites who restrict children under 13 from setting up accounts.

You must be 18 years or older to purchase access to High School Hub, and to join the private ‘High School Hub’ Parent Facebook group. 

Login details are given to teachers and parents who purchase High School Hub, who may then share those logins with their child/students. 

High School Hub modules are specifically designed to be used by the students, but no one under age 13 may provide any information to or on the Website without consent of their parent. We do not knowingly collect personal information from children under 13 without consent of their parent.

You can read our privacy policy here:

Feel free to ask us any questions at [email protected]

What if my child has a question?

We love questions! 

We take the privacy of children seriously, so we don't correspond directly with them. But we have other options which keep parents in the loop ...  

1.  We encourage parents and teachers to become part of our community by joining the 'High School Hub' Facebook group. There you can ask Jenny questions for yourself and on behalf of your child.

2.  Parents and teachers can also send children's questions to: [email protected] from the email address you used to purchase the Hub. (Along with their question, if you wish, you can include a first name and state e.g: John, NSW). Your child can look for their question/answer in the ‘Ask Jenny’ module, which is updated fortnightly.

(N.B. We don't add duplicate questions, but will let you know if the answer's already in the module.)

3. If you have any general membership questions, tech support or login issues, parents can email us at: [email protected]

How long will it take to get access?

After a parent or teacher purchases, your login and access information will be sent to the email address you provide. Once you’ve logged in, you’ll be taken directly to the ‘High School Hub Dashboard’.  

From there, you and your child can easily navigate to all the modules.

You should have access within 15 minutes. 

For any login issues, please contact [email protected]

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the digital nature of the product and the fact that it contains instant downloads and materials, refunds are not available. 

But if you have any issue, please email us so we can work with you to resolve it. We want the best for you and your child.

Please ask us any questions at [email protected]

How much reading is involved?

Some reading … but definitely not long slabs of information.
We know children won't search through a load of waffle to get to the important bits that make a difference. 

So you won’t find long-winded explanations … just clear, conversational language targeted to your child’s age group. We explain useful strategies in simple ways so they can understand and implement.

Will my child take action on what they learn?

We give them their very best shot with a 6 step action plan at the end of most modules.

For some modules, no extra action is required. Your child gets the benefits from the information and doing the included activities.

And when more is involved, we keep it simple! We know that if something appears too difficult, most students will choose the ‘do nothing’ option.

Children and teens won’t involve themselves in something unless they can see it has advantages for them ... they need to ‘buy in’ to what’s in it for them. So, in all the modules, we’ve woven the key ‘buy-in’ points for how the information and strategies will directly assist them when they take action. 

Our simple, step-by-step approach helps children get results as quickly and easily as possible.

How will this make a difference for my child?

We know these strategies work because we’ve witnessed the difference they’ve made for thousands of students and their parents in schools across Australia.

We’ve heard from the parents, teachers and children themselves about children who are less anxious for their transition to high school. And children who are now more confident and better at organising, managing their time, coping with change, building positive friendships, handling homework and assessments, striving to achieve their goals to name just a few areas.

But it’s not just access to this information that works. It’s our unique system, based on Jenny’s 30+ years of teaching and research with more than 1600 students transitioning to high school. We know how to target what students need, in a way that engages them to take advantage of what they learn.

For how long do we have access to the Hub?

You have unlimited, 24/7 online access for 12 months from the date of purchase. 

That’s plenty of time to support your child through their important first year of high school. They can revisit the information in the modules as often as they need, and have time to put strategies in place. If a challenge pops up (as they do!) they can go to a module and get information, advice and action plans on how to handle it.

As we add new resources into the Hub, you also get full access to these updates. (We’ll send you an email alert.)

Once your 12 months end, you can purchase another year of access to the Hub if you wish. 

Do you offer support for parents, too?

The Hub is aimed at students, but can easily be implemented by a parent with or for their child. In fact, when you encourage your child with these strategies, you’ll help them experience an even greater degree of long-term success.

Extra Support for parents: 

1.   Private High School Hub Facebook Group - when you receive your Hub login details, parents get an invite to join. It’s a place for parents (not children) to connect, support, and encourage each other with all things related to the high school years. And Jenny pops in to answer parents’ questions and direct you to resources that can help.

2.   Parent Portal on High School Hub - coming soon we'll have a parent only section of the Hub. There'll be separate logins so you'll have access to a range of parent only information, products and webinars.

Where can I see the terms and conditions?

Please read the terms of use before you purchase.

You can read terms here:

And our privacy policy here:

Please look through all the details before purchase and ask us any questions at [email protected]

Can a school purchase this to use with their Year 6 and Year 7 students?

Definitely! Here's the link to sign your class up at special school rates for whole year groups.

Still have questions?

Email:    [email protected] and we'll get right back to you

Are you ready to make starting high school easier?


Get immediate access to High School Hub so your child can have their best first year in high school. 

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Support for parents, too

Parents get free access to our parent community to connect and get support for all things in the high school years.


BONUS 1: Homework & Study Kit

18 page kit with guide, planners & checklists for organisation & managing homework, study & time.  Value: $25

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2023 month by month + yearly calendar. (With positive sayings to add motivation to getting organised)  Value: $10

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15 positivity affirmation cards. Print out and use for motivation, creating helpful habits and building confidence. Value: $15

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